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Payments, Refunds, and Project Durations

  • All graphic design services must be paid in full within 24 hours, to get started on the process.

  • 2 free revisions are available for all inquiries. 

  • I do not freestyle. All concepts must be formulated. I recommend using Pinterest for a clear vision of what you’re going for. Click here to view my Pinterest for ideas/inspo.

  • I don't offer refunds if a project has already been started.

  • Projects require payment in order to proceed.

  • No response to emails after one week will result in project cancellation, and no refunds.

  • How is your process set up?
    1) Inquire for a service through this page 2) We get on a consultation call to discuss your branding needs 3) We proceed on inquired services when everything is finalized
  • Where do I inquire for your services?
    To inquire for my services, click here.
  • What are your turnaround times?
    My turnaround times are between 1-2 weeks, excluding holidays + weekends. Days vary depending on your preparation.
  • What do I need to be prepared for a service I inquire for?
    Generally speaking, you will need specific information such as: Branding colors, fonts, and aesthetics (branding boards are recommended) Details on the information you'd like to display (about sections, faq's, product information, etc)
  • Can I inquire for a custom package?
    Yes, you can inquire for a customized package that suits your branding needs. This package must total up to a minimum amount of $500.
  • How can I keep track of the design process?
    You will be updated on the status of your project on HoneyBook. That's also where all the communication will take place.
  • Can I submit payment after a project?
    Projects require payment in order to proceed.
  • What is an inconvenience fee?
    An inconvenience fee is any time you go over the max allowed, which is two single minor changes (I.e. a word change, a font change, a color change), a fee of $100 must be paid up front before completion.
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